The purpose of spatial orientation questions is to measure your ability to keep a clear idea of where you are in relation to whatever space you are in.  Questions in this part of the firefighter written exam often emphasize either where you are in a diagram or how to go from one place to another on the diagram or a map.  These are usually not memorization questions, so you'll probably be allowed to use your pencil to ride on the diagrams or maps as a way of testing your answer choices.

This question is based on the following diagram and passage:

sample street map as part of sample spatial orientation written firefighter exam question

As shown by arrows on this street map, Adams and River Street are one-way going north.  May is a one-way street going south, and market is one-way going northwest.  Oak And Ash are one-way streets going East, and Elm is a one-way street going west.

A fire engine heading north on River Street between Ash and Elm streets receives a call to proceed to the intersection of Adams and Oak.  To travel the shortest distance and not break any traffic regulations, the engine should turn left on

  • A. Elm and right on Market
  • B. Market and proceed directly to Oak
  • C. Elm and right on Adams

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